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There are a lot of wedding photographers in Oklahoma.  So the question becomes how do you choose the right one for you?  Its same thing as picking out that outfit, yeah it looks great online or in the store but until you’ve had a chance to try it on you’re just not sure if its right for you.  The same can be applied to your wedding photographer, can this person capture the vision you have for your wedding, one that will not only capture your day, but also capture your personality in a way that tells your story.


The value of photography is making a resurgence in which it is now considered to be a craft, a skill, the way it once was.  The discerning Bride and Groom are recognizing that you can’t just take a photo with your phone and throw a filter on it and that’s it.  There is a lot more to it than that.  The art of photography is about lighting, composure, color and knowing when to push the shutter


All of this doesn’t mean a thing without someone who will take care of you on your special day.  You have a lot going on, the photographer should be the last thing to worry about not only on the big day but afterwards as well.  


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