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David B Photography is a photographer in the Oklahoma City Metro area who specializes in landscapes and portraits. 

If you are searching for a photographer that can capture those moments that are not posed, that are unrehearsed and spontaneous, because that’s what life is all about, then you should consider David B Photography.  

When capturing portraits, to me I am creating memories, because that is exactly what is happening.  If it’s a senior picture or a family, each is unique, but each event tells a story of that moment in time.  Oklahoma Seniors want that special look their friends won’t have, that unique thing that sets them apart from everyone else.  Mom and Dad want to capture that memory of their Senior as they begin the journey into adulthood. 

When it comes to Landscapes I do my utmost to capture the beauty of the scene before me.  I believe that we miss so much because we are always in a hurry. If we would slow down and take in the alluring scenes around us, we would be in awe of the scenes painted by the hand of God.

David B Photography
Portrait and Landscape Photography

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