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Adapting To Change

The year 2020 to this point has been one of considerable turmoil and uncertainty, one of upheaval and distress for many people, the question is how do you cope?

The thing that I have been wrestling with for the past several months is how do you run a business in the world of COVID? I know one thing is for certain, I have more questions than answers. In a business that evolves around people and capturing those unrehearsed perfect memories that people will hold onto forever, how do you capture that while at the same time keeping the people around you and yourself healthy? I think it has to do with giving people what they crave, a sense of belonging, as they yearn to have human contact. The people who come to us for our service need to be more than just people, more than just a dollar sign.

I know one thing is for certain to do nothing in our new world is simply not an option. I believe that now more than at any other time we need to be providing the best service we possibly can to our customers. The other day I decided to go camping, its one of the things I love to do, to get back in touch with my inner self, the voice that becomes lost in the daily grind and noise of life. The location I went came highly recommended by some friends who had stayed there a few years ago and did nothing but rave about how amazing the facility was. When I arrived it was anything but amazing, it was hands down the worst camping experience I have ever had. The thing that caught my attention was that you could see the potential of what once was a great place to be, what ended up happening is that it clearly became how much money can we make. And now that COVID is here its now how do we squeeze every penny out of these people that come to our facility? It's sad really, we all have to change during this time that has everyone so confused and scared, but if you make the wrong change it will cost you dearly. There is a saying in marketing that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your best customers, however if there is no 20% you will fail.

We all want to make money, there is nothing wrong with that, making a living and providing for our families is what a lot of strive for but if money is your sole motivation then I'm afraid you won't get very far. There has to be a portion of what you do that simply gives something back with no expectation of a reward other than helping the next person in line.

The human spirit craves contact with other people, its how we evolve to become better versions of ourselves. Yes we all want that alone time, that space where we go and be with our thoughts, but staying there is not who we are, we must change with our circumstances, adapt and overcome. If you seek happiness you will spend most of your time being unhappy, however if you seek joy then that's something different. I have heard it said that joy happens when we do what we were fashioned to do, joy comes from the doing of the deed.

The question that keeps rolling around in my head is when I look back on 2020 what will I remember most? Will it be a virus that made so many people sick and took the lives of thousands? Which by the way is the easy path the path that brings nothing but heartache and despair, it's the information that is put in our face every day on every social media platform and news outlet out there. It is easy to be negative the hard part is being positive, yes 2% of the population who caught this were taken from us and that is terrible, however 98% of the people who caught the virus survived that's the number we should be looking at. I am not a terribly religious person, but I do believe there is real evil in this world and the only way to defeat it is through love and positivity.

So I leave you with this question, as a business did you look back on 2020 and say that's the year I lost everything, or is 2020 the year you look back on as the time your business was recreated.

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