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The Cowboy Life

The Cowboy Life is Simple Honest and True. I had the opportunity to spend some time at the Oklahoma National Stockyards in Oklahoma City and the men and women who work there are simply amazing! If you know, then you know. I had nothing more than a basic knowledge of what they do on a daily basis, but after spending time with them I am in aw of what they do.

The Cowboys and Cowgirls move thousands of cattle through the stockyards every week. In our world of people who eat tide pods and cooking chicken in cough syrup these men and women are making sure food is available for your table.

I was told by one of the folks there, the cowboy life is the most beautiful thing in the world, it is also the hardest most back breaking work you will every do. You have to love it, because if you don't, it can be Hell on earth.

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