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The scary part of owning a business

The past month has been seriously out of control, while at the same time I wouldn't have traded it in.

As some of you know I work in the media, that's the gig which pays the daily bills, I would trade it all if I could do the same with taking photos. So as you can imagine as election day draws near things become more stressful. It was about two months ago I decided I was tired of living out of a box, what I mean is that in this business you typically move around a lot usually every two or three years, you pack up your house/apartment and move to another city and start all over again. I finally got tired of moving and decided Oklahoma is where I'm going to stay, so I bought a house. It was a challenge to say the least, and the stress was incredibly high, but I got the house I wanted and have finally moved in. I decided around that same time two weeks after moving in I wanted to Halloween minis, I had a couple of great concepts, I built sets, ran ads and was eager with anticipation, all while unpacking boxes. And then Mother Nature thought let's have an ice storm, this was not just any ordinary ice storm this was historical, they predicted we would get some ice on Tuesday of this week.

When I got up on Monday morning at 5 A.M. yeah I'm that guy. I stumbled to the kitchen started the coffee and let the dog out, as I stood on my patio I noticed it was raining and there was a cold wind out of the north and thought to myself; this can't be good. I have lived in Michigan most of my life and when the winds of November come early you should head that warning. I started pouring over weather data online and flipped on the local news and noticed we're in for it. We started seeing ice at about 7A.M. and it didn't stop icing until Wednesday, when it was all said and done we ended up with about 2 inches, it knocked down trees that were still filled with leaves and that in turn brought down power lines, at one point there were a million people without the invention that Edison gave us. It is Halloween morning and there are still several hundred thousand people who are without power.

The question is what about the Halloween minis? I am very fortunate that I really haven't lost power, but I've decided to move forward and still offer them to people at a huge discount. I mean how can I charge someone a rate when they have no power, what kind of a Catholic would that make me. I believe when you own a business this kind of stuff happens, you cannot anticipate every issue, it's simply not possible. So you take your punches, get up off the mat and get ready for the next round.

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