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Get Your Camera In Unusual Places

I have been very fortunate to be able to have some of the access I have been given, it is something that is not wasted on me. I know most people will not get a chance to see what I see and I love trying to document that. I have been following and paying close attention to some great photographers over the past decade, one of which is Joe McNally the man is a wizard when it comes to portrait photography. He has said countless times get your camera in unusual places and you will take unusual photographs.

When I was in college there were several people who said, my goal is to shoot for Rolling Stone, I'm going to be the best band photographer ever. And although that is great and I would never question someone's dream I knew in the beginning that was something that just wasn't for me. I thought to myself Rolling Stone is bar none one of the best music magazines to ever be published and there are thousands of photographers who want to work for them. But in reality my guess is they have about 10 who do all of their work. You might have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a job shooting for them.

So as I have moved around the country working for various television stations I discovered that most concert venues have a standing policy for credentials for media, simply everyone gets one all you have to do is ask. The catch is most artists don't like video and the restrictions on shooting video at a concert are restrictive to say the least, however still photographers have a little more give.

So over the past several years in order to get coverage I found myself shooting images in an area I thought I never would. I have also discovered that if you get your camera in an unusual place people seem to look at that and say. WOW; that's a really cool shot

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