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How To Be A Cowboy

This past weekend the WCRA Rodeo made a stop in Guthrie, Oklahoma which is located just north of Oklahoma City. I can honestly say I was schooled as to how to be a cowboy. I had never been to a professional rodeo and it was a great experience, and I didn't even stay for the entire thing. They had two different rounds that day which I was not aware of when I arrived, I went to the first one.

WCRA bucking bronc for 8 seconds
Bucking Bronc

I haven't decided if the men and women are amazing or crazy. I think its a little bit of both, talk about true professionals, if you think playing football is tough lets see you go 8 seconds on a bucking bronc or a 2 thousand pound bull. I can honestly say that IF I'm lucky I would last one possibly two seconds before being thrown to the ground and then breaking something vital.

calf roping WCRA rodeo stop in Oklahoma
Calf roping

I really want to tip my hat to these true professionals, for not only living a life that I am sure is one of the most challenging for certain but it was more than that. Its about a life that most people have no idea even exists, the life of the west and how we tamed it all those years ago. It was done by men and women with amazing grit, something a lot of us will never understand or appreciate.

barrel racing WCRA Rodeo stop in Oklahoma
Barrel Racing

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