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March Madness

Its that time of year again, March madness. If you're a fan or even if you're just someone who admires a good game from time to time this is for you. The amount of work that will be done declines considerably in offices and cubicles across the country. The afternoon break time will turn from 15 min's to 30 in a flash.

If you take a minute and consider what you are seeing are dreams come true for so many of those players. These guys started playing in backyards with a hoop nailed to a garage or a barn door, possibly down on the corner with a group of guys from the neighborhood at the park. Where ever they started for so many, this is a dream come true. And for so many of us who love this time of year, for the next couple of weeks you allow us to relive our glory days of college and the pure enjoyment of good quality competition.

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