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Not Just Capturing The Day, Creating Memories

When shooting someone's wedding it's not just another day, it is a day filled with memories, and that is something that is not lost on me. I know everyone has a camera, its easy, I take selfies all day and if I add enough filters even I can look amazing but that's not what this is.

When you capture someone's wedding those photos will live a lifetime. When my parents and grandparents hit milestones in the marriage the very first thing we did was grab the photo album and then the stories started. Yes the formal portrait was front and center but it was more about the back story, the natural photo's of Uncle Bob making a funny face at Aunt Alice and the memory of that day come flooding back and soon the room is filled with laughter. And that leads to another story.

To me that's the good stuff, you cannot duplicate or create that image, that image happen naturally and you just happened to be in that moment and lucky enough to capture the memory. That's what I am all about

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