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Salve for the photographic soul

I have been doing something that I didn't think I would ever do, work for free. It's not that I have never done volunteer work or done something for my church that's not it. I have been taking photos and simply giving them away.

The idea came to me when I was in downtown Oklahoma City, I went down there in early April knowing everything was still closed due to the pandemic, the idea was to just explore. I was down near the canal and saw a mom trying to get photos of her three kids and as little ones often do, they want to do anything but have their photo taken. I had brought Hailey the rescue dog with me and that captivated the kids long enough for mom to get an image or two. I then offered to take a couple of images and then I gave them a business card and said just send me an email and I'll send the images back. I never heard from them again.

I was leaving town and saw two young ladies in prom dresses and I had to stop and take their photos and give them the same offer of just giving them their photos.

The next day I was out on a bike ride and it came to me, the high school seniors have lost their year, no prom, no graduation, no well....anything. And their parents in a lot of cases are in a spot for certain, many have lost their jobs or been furloughed and things are tight. I decided to run an ad on Facebook and simply say if you need your high school senior photos or prom photos done then give me a call. The response has been pretty solid, as you might imagine some people thought there was a catch, and I get that but in this case there was no catch.

I discovered during all of this that it simply feels good. the Bible talks about doing for your fellow man out of the goodness of your heart and although I have never been a particularly religious man I believe there was at least at some level, Devine intervention occurring.

I have received many thanks from parents who I have taken photos for, but for me it should be me thanking them, because when I pick up a camera and hold it to my eye and depress that shutter button its like salve for my soul.

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