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The Power of Mother Nature

A couple of weeks ago I post a couple of images as I came upon the Wildfires in Western Oklahoma and I was simply stunned. I had never seen such fury, the feeling of helplessness as I watched flames consume acre after acre of Grassland, the flames were hundreds of feet in the sky.

I decided to go back to the area I was in when I had to leave because the flames were coming right at me. The image above is what I saw, everywhere, literally mile after mile of blackened land. The red dirt the south is so famous for was no longer red, it was black and tan, I originally thought that it was sand. When I got out of my car and started to look at people's homes that had been lost I noticed I wasn't walking on the red dirt and clay of the south, I was walking through a couple of feet of ash.

I have always been amazed at what we as a species have accomplished, but when I see this and all of the destruction that was caused its hard not to be in awe of the strength of Mother Nature. For all that man has accomplished and all that man can do there is no substitute for the fury of Mother Nature, she is the great equalizer.

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