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To The Master of Landscape Photography

Ansel Adams is considered to be the best landscape photographer to ever pick up a camera, and the inventor of the zone system.

Which is a system that is used every day when you pick up your phone for yet another selfie. I won't explain it all to you because most people would get lost along the way. Lets just say this; the light and dark areas of your most recent creation and all of the shades in between are because this man had the forethought that if you control light you can master photography.

The amazing part to what he did and what he created is, all of this was done manually, adding and subtracting exposure times, and F-stops and burning and dodging (adding or taking away light) in areas of the photograph. His favorite canvas was Yosemite National Park, and his images still resonate with the true lover of the art today.

I know I am not even close to being in the same category as the master of photography but here is one of my landscape, images the falls near Tishomingo, Ok

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