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Veterans Day honoring those who served but the unsung hero as well

Veterans Day the day we are to pay homage to those who have served our country past and present. But we are forgetting a big thank you that is well deserved that most people don't think about. As a Veteran I am not diminishing the call to duty, in fact I can honestly say that that I would pick up a weapon and stand a post if asked, although I'd have to be refit for a uniform for certain.

What I'm referring to is the family of a service member, yes its tough to leave your family to go where you are called, but at least when you're deployed you have your brothers. Those who are left behind a longing for any information about what you're doing. When I was in the Navy my parents were constantly asking me what was going on and I was like; Oh man, nothing its the same.

Today that shoe is on the other foot. As my oldest son who is in the Marines is getting ready to deploy for nearly a year, I'm asking him almost everyday, lets make sure you have an international plan on your phone. Do you have this, do you have that, what else do you need? Lets work out a schedule to Skype or FaceTime; knowing full well, the military does not work on your schedule, you work on their's.

So as we honor our service members who deserve every bit of our respect, we need to think of the unsung heroes back home who keep everything going on the home front they deserve a very big thank you as well. I have said it many times before staying home as your husband or wife, son or daughter deploy is the hardest job in the military.

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